Turbine Celebrates LOTRO's 4th Birthday and DDO's 9th Update

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Turbine sure has a lot going on these days. Except at their billing department, I suppose. Having gone free-to-play, both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online have been faring quite well in the sea of free. The rapidly growing F2P market means that Turbine still has stiff competition to defend against, even after dropping the subscription fees.

In celebrating LOTRO’s 4th anniversary, Turbine has brought plenty of Spring festivities to Middle-Earth, including a new hedge maze and “Stomp-a-Shrew” event. Master Brewers will delight in the formation of the Ale Association by the Dwarve’s of Thorin’s Hall. For more information on the Spring Festival, head over to the official site.

Over in Dungeon land, Turbine has released a brand new adventure pack with Update 9. The pack, titled Harbinger of Madness, has players hunting for missing townsfolk and exploring uncharted sewers (yum) near Stormreach harbor. According to the press release, “Update 9 will also introduce updates to Crafting, new attack animations, boosted spells and more prestige Enhancement lines, among other updates.” For a closer look into DDO’s newest update, drop by the official site.