Two More Cataclysm Screens

I love the internet. No information is sacred, from new iPhones to as-yet-unreleased screenshots of the next World of Warcraft expansion. The following two images were found by enterprising fans using a simple URL swap to discover upcoming additions to Blizzard’s Screenshot Of The Day Program. Why only two? My guess is that they were uploaded today in order to cover entries over the weekend (assuming the gallery uses an automatic script to pull specifically-numbered photos from the server).

The first may look like a completely new area, but I promise that it’s somewhere you’ve been before, especially as a beginning Undead player. Notice the huge zeppelin tower in the background? That’s right, it’s Brill! It looks like it’s been updated with the same kind of architecture used for Undead settlements in Northrend, replacing the old “decrepit human” building motif the old world has relied upon thus far.

Considering that other parts of the game are getting similarly resbuilt (for instance, Orgrimmar being outfitted with Dark Iron a la Warsong Hold), I wouldn’t be surprised to see these new structures make their way to other familiar spots like Tarren Mill and the Sepulcher.

The second of the screenshots comes from the Swamp of Sorrows region. It looks a little less… “gloomy,” but aside from that it doesn’t seem like a whole lot has changed. Maybe we’ll see if this has any influence on the new look of parts of the Blasted Lands (which you can find a few posts down):


  1. Man I’m getting really excited about the beta, every time I get an email I instantly go to my inbox and it always ends up being spam *sadface*

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