Ubisoft Pushes Heroes of Might & Magic Online To Beta

Ubisoft is finally joining the rest of the big boys.  The company announced today that Heroes of Might & Magic Online will be heading to beta in “early May.”

HoMMO is to be the first major push in the MMOG market for the French company.  The browser-based game was originally designed for the Chinese market by TQ digital, and released in 2008.  It’s taken over two years for Ubisoft to bring the free-to-play game to the North American market.

Heroes of Might & Magic Online’s gameplay is based upon HoMM III – often described as the best HoMM – with graphical prowess of HoMM V.  HoMMO players will interact in realtime, unlike the staple turn-based battles of Heroes of Might & Magic.

Interested parties can head here to register for beta access.  Goodluck!

*Note: As with many new beta announcements, the flood of perspective players has caused the registration applet to crash.  It’ll probably be up and down throughout the day.