Undead Labs: Everyone Dies!

Today Undead Labs, the developers who are bringing zombie survival to the MMORPG genre, released some information about how their game will work, not as a list of features, but rather through the telling of a story.

The zombie apocalypse is coming. You want to know how everything works. How dangerous is it? How can you protect yourself? We have the answers, but how much can we really say?… So today, we’ll share what we can. It’s not a catalogue of spoilers from the dev team. Instead, what follows are the thoughts and observations of a fellow survivor in McMillanville.

However I’ve taken the liberty of taking the story and creating a list of features out of it. Keep in mind these are taken based on the story, so they many or many not be actual features in the game.

  • When a player dies in the game, they come back as a zombie. Permanent Death
    • Players will receive warnings before becoming a zombie
    • Players can be saved from turning into a zombie up to a certain point
  • To kill a zombie you have to destroy the brains
  • You can shoot off legs or arms, but the zombie will still advance
  • Melee attacks, such as boot stomp to head can kill zombies also
  • Played can build defense structures, ie towers
  • Players will need to gather medical supplies in order to survive
  • Players can drag downed players to safety to rescue them
    • Players can only carry so much, so you might have to drop items in order to drag someone.
    • Downed player might lose items also
  • Players will have stamina.
    • Stimpacks will be available to give players a boost
    • The more you carry, the faster your stamina will run out, making you slower
  • Zombies are attracted by loud sounds
  • Players will be able to drive vehicles?
  • Doctor will be a playable class?

I love everything about it so far, can’t wait.


  1. Stimpacks? Why not magic potions? Atleast they could go for some sort of high energy drink sort of thing, which is a bit more of a true to life effect.

    And if you can be turned back from being a zombie, it’s not really permadeath.

    Though I totally grant it’s tons closer to permadeath than every traditional mmorpg out there.

  2. well if you actually do die, it’ll be permadeath. From the description given, it seems players will be able to get saved to a certain point, but if they take too much damage, then there gonna die.

    From the title of the post “Everyone Dies” I think eventually everyone will die no matter how careful you are.

  3. It depends on whether the goal is to try to achieve something and your done. If so it’s a question of whether you’ll die before getting it done.

    If it’s an endless game scenario, then yeah, the odds eventually add up and you’ll die eventually.

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