Unofficial Naruto-Bleach MMO Revealed as Pockie Ninja


For weeks, we’ve been teased with a certain “anime-inspired MMO” from NGames that had a lot of Naruto and Bleach fans screaming “total rip-off!” While we don’t know whether lawsuits are a-coming, what we do know is that naming it Pockie Ninja is an amusing attempt to get the chibi-obsessed crowd on board.

NGames sent us some wallpapers that reveal just how Pockie Ninja is “poking fun at anime’s most infamous characters and paying homage to them at the same time.”

[imagebrowser id=550]

We admit to having snickered at seeing the deadly serious Itachi Uchiha fussing over red contact lenses and Naruto eating ramen while waiting at the corner bus stop.

But since Pockie Ninja claims to be an MMO and not a spoof website, we glossed over the cheeky fun and wondered instead about the actual gameplay. The teaser trailer from NGames didn’t help a lot either, only suggesting that some kind of PvP co-op battle will be included.

There’s also no sign of the “evil and destructive warrior corporations” we’re supposed to defeat as PvE content. It would have been better for the trailer to show actual in-game footage, which they should have by now if they plan to push through with a Q1 release this year. Luckily there are a couple of screen shots at the official Pockie Ninja website that reveal a similar 2-D browser-type visual style as MapleStory.

So we gotta ask, even though Pockie Ninja is an unofficial Naruto-Bleach MMO and uses avatars with heads as big as their whole bodies, will you still be playing it?

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