Update: Call to Arms Reward Bag is BoA

I don’t think there is any real valid complaint about the new Call to Arms system: the reward bags, which offer a chance at rare mounts, are bind to account, meaning you can send it to any character you choose on your server after receiving it.

If you are a DPS player who thinks the additional Call to Arms system is unfair, level up a tank alt. You can send the rewards to your DPS main. I don’t think that “the rewards are too much, but not enough for me to play a tank” is a very strong argument against this system now that you can put them on any character.

I personally will be tanking a lot now and working on getting appropriate gear. I’ve heard from a lot of raid-geared tanks that they queue as DPS (since its so much easier and they can do other things while in the queue) or don’t run heroics. This system can entice great tanks into the queue. Yes, it will entice new tanks, but tanking takes time to learn. You can’t soundly say “we need more tanks” yet “we don’t need any new tanks.” Would you put up with new tanks for a 15 minute shorter queue? We have no idea on how this will pan out – but all the negativity around every change Blizzard makes is getting old.


  1. Oh come now. It is true I queue as dps in between doing my dailies to make life easier, but there’s 1 important thing you gotta know about being a tank. The most vital thing that alter’s everything about the dungeon and you.

    Your, the, Tank!

    You ever run into suck ass tanks and wonder “WTH Is Wrong with him?”. Well, now your that guy, and you don’t have to be.

    Be a New tank, but do the Reg’s first, alot. Get up your gear to the appropriate amount (yes, you can ditch all your greens before heroics) and work/read up to Fully understand all the strats tanks use. Then your not a New tank, your a Good tank.

    P.S. Try and avoid Stonecore unless you really want a challenge. OR Blackrock unless you actually Know the third boss. (seriously)

  2. Well hopefully, Next (and I agree with you mostly) this will encourage new tanks/healers to roll. While I agree with you on ‘off the job’ learning, ‘on the job learning’ is more important. No biggie there. But NEW tanks need to ask things. Actually all roles should be asking questions. Sadly, you do this in a trade channel or whatnot and are often greeted with rudeness/spam/hatefulness.

    Honestly, if people want ‘rage free’ runs, they need to roll with their guild. How anyone can expect perfection in a PuG is beyond me.


    I have a feeling that Healers will be in demand as well. Just keep an eye on that golden ring around the class roles and be selective!

  3. Sorry if this point was already mentioned, i found your whining to tedious to read…

    You’re original post mentioned a “15 minute” shorter queue for “new tanks”, yes of course people who have never tanked will attempt to do instances/heroics for the first time, but everyone started new!

    You will only find yourself trying heroics for the first few months with inexperienced and undergeared tanks, after that you will have decent tanks with tanking gear (and a lower wait queue) so.. whats the problem?

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