Vault of Lies Opens in Rappelz Epic 7.2: Dimensions Update


A new rank 6 dungeon called the Vault of Lies will be opening in Rappelz as part of its Epic 7.2: Dimensions update, bringing new menaces and allies in the fight against the insidious Church. Fresh armor sets like the Ergon Cratos and Stormguard Suits have been crafted to help players clear this sprawling dungeon.

Epic 7.2: Dimensions update also introduces the Ice Maiden pet (shown above), a magic attack buffer and mana restorer, which along with the other pets in Rappelz can now be leveled while a player is offline through the Pet Stable System. Learn more about the cool upgrades coming to this free-to-play fantasy MMO such as a new user interface and other at the official Rappelz Dimensions microsite.