Vindictus Announces Early Open Beta Access

On September 15th, Nexon announced in a news post that early access will be allowed to the open beta of their newest game: Vindictus.  This means that any player with a closed beta key or those lucky enough to have received a beta-key from another player will be allowed to log-in to the game.

Vindictus is an exciting game, judging from the released cinematic videos.  They not only exhibit the brutal violence and split-second action involved in the game, but also show in-game play that resembles the popular game series God of War and Devil May Cry for the PlayStation 2 and 3 consoles.

The game’s high-speed combat is brought about using a modified Source Engine designed by Valve; this allows Vindictus to use rag-doll physics and particle splatter to an astounding effect.

In fact, Vindictus resembles the previously mentioned series so closely that the concept of merging the action from those massive titles with MMORPG elements makes for an intriguing thought indeed.

In the early access to the current beta-phase of Vindictus, players are allowed to begin to jump into a world where they can experience action-RPG concepts never seen before.  Destructible environments, realistic blood splatter and even going so far as to use enemy corpses as weapons means that Vindictus will be a dark, morbid but ultimately incredible game.

Even the crafting is ultra-macho; gone are the days of mining with a nancy-boy pickaxe.  In this game, you mine like a man: with explosives!  That will teach that cowardly ore who is boss.

With the opening of its doors, Vindictus has introduced several events for players to take part in during the next few months.  Categorized into three groups named “Passion!”, “Power!” and “Persistence!”, players can participate in the events listed below and show off their skills.

The first Passion! events include Wind Through the Ruins, where players can achieve 190 Battle Points and receive 10 Goddess Grace, Final Slingshot which awards 165 points, 10 tokens and 5 party revival feathers and Kobold Chief, that offers 190 points and 10 grace as well.

Players can display their power by obtaining three titles for 10 Seals of Dedication each.  They are “The Aloof Magician’s Assistant”, “Whipped by Shayla” and “Semi-Respecter of the Elderly”.  Lastly, players will receive a special capsule containing 100 AP with the completion of the “Persistence!” event, in which players have to reach level 10 with their character.

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Participants in the early access will be able to level up their character, collect loot, kill monsters and save all progress for when the game goes live.  Unlike the closed beta, all characters created in the early access period and later beta phases will now be kept and will be available for the launch of the game.  Get started early to have a leg-up on everyone else when the game goes live.


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