Vindictus Beta Keys? Follow Us on Twitter!

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If you want a chance at a Vindictus beta key, follow MMOCrunch on Twitter.  I’ll be giving away 2 keys later today! 

Vindictus is a fast-paced action MMO being developed by Nexon, creators of Maple Story and Combat Arms (which if you haven’t checked out yet and like first person shooters, should be on your bucket list.)  Beta keys are being given out in limited supply at several sites, but everyone who nabs one of those keys can get two more to give to buddies! 

If you have a couple keys you don’t know what to do with as a buddy, let me know and I”ll be happy to distribute them on our Twitter.


  1. hi anyone offering vindictus passes? pleeease ive been searching all day for the keys but i just keep reaching dead ends. All the mmo sites have run out of like 2000 keys and thats sooo crazy. I really am hoping for one >.<" Thank you so much! email:

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