Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – The Great Devourer

The new Warhammer 40k newsletter is chock full of cool stuff! New level designers have joined the team, some details on the founder’s program have been given, and the Tyranids have made their appearance, complete with WIP screenshots. I loves me some Tyr-hunting, and WIPs are always fun to look at, so this is a pretty cool update so far as I’m concerned!


2 New Level Designers
Shawn Bauer joined the 40k team in January. He studied level design at the Campus Ubisoft and came from my beloved Secret World. Patrick Vaillancourt has a multiplayer shooter resume, with highlights such as the Calypso Casino map in Rainbow Six Vegas. They’re both working on building Outposts and Strongholds. The team as a whole is currently refining the player experience and building a new Stronghold based around a laser defense turret.

Founder’s Program
The Founder’s Program has 3 main goals; to allow players to start supporting the game, to solicit feedback from players in the form of testing and design, and to provide longterm, lasting value to early supporters.
Full details are still being worked out, but more information will be provided in upcoming months. Founder’s Pack purchasers will have access to the following types of goodies:

  • Identity – Enhance your character’s core identity with unique Founders-only squad emblems, Heroes, and background-related titles, biographies, and cosmetics
  • Weapon Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
  • Armor Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
  • Space Ship Decorations – Unique cosmetics to dress up your Squad or Strike Force Cruiser’s interior the way you want
  • Miscellaneous – Unique execution animations and pets, both utility and non-combat
  • Vehicles – Unique Founders-only vehicles
  • Consumables – Extra ammunition, grenades, and other convenience items
  • Accessories – Unique equipment pieces

Supporters will also have early access to playable modules, and new stuff will be continually added to the packs.


Tyranids aren’t the only PVE threat in Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade, but they do make up the bulk of it. Expect to be smashing lots of chitin and flaming swarms! You’ll be able to claim relics, ancient technologies, and arcane secrets if you can survive the labyrinthine underground brimming with the hostile Tyranids, or you can dive directly into their hives for wave based combat. If you prefer to play defense, just stay on the surface as hordes of Tyranids will warm out to invade and attack faction bases.

Visit the official Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade web page for more details.

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