What Rank Are You In StarCraft II?

I entered the StarCraft II ranking system with much trepidation. I haven’t played an RTS seriously since Warcraft III many years before. I absolutely love the genre — it hooked me on PC gaming — but it’s been awhile since I took competitive microing seriously. I’ve paid my dues, attempted to make it “pro,” and “managed” my fair share of potential players. I never made it, and neither did they (I hope it wasn’t my couching that held them back). But I never stopped trying. Strategy and tactics in video games are what draw me in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a FPS, turn-based strategy or RTS game, I play to outthink, outwit and outskill my opponents.

I queued up for game one of my 2v2 testing for League Play and won handily. The other three players had no idea what they were doing. Bases were left free to rush, no one expanded and no one had anti-air. It was a squash match. Match two followed, match three made me cocky.  Match four set me straight. I rushed with a group of zealots and my partner assaulted with a batch of zerglings. It was unsuccessful, and the counterattack put us on our heels. We never recovered.  My final ranking match started off as a repeat of match four, but the opposition didn’t stay on us, allowing me to tech past them and crush them in the longest of my five games.

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I waited with anticipation as the score screen came up.  I went 4-1 in my training camp games, securing the high score – I doubt it matters in the ranking system – for all four victories.  I figured Silver was in the bank and that I had a shot at Gold.  When Platinum came up, my mouth hit the floor.  I strutted my newly-earned epeen to internet friends, guildies, my Steam list, people on AIM, basically anyone who’d know what a StarCraft is.  Then I proceeded to get stomped in my next three games.  This should be fun.

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  1. I’ve never really been into this genre of game, but I thought to give Starcraft 2 a try. I must admit, the single player campaign is pretty fun so far.
    As for multiplayer… We’ll see what happens when i finish the campaign, but I will say this. My ass will be well and truly grass for a time while I learn :)

  2. Gold. I don’t really like StarCraft, but I do know how to play it. I decided to give it a shot and consider Gold a fairly decent rank for me.

  3. Gold. Played the 1st Starcraft every now and then with friends, but always comp stomp. Never really played against another player. Tested out a few strategies against the AI to figure out timing and what not.

  4. I just finished placement matches for the first time on 2v2. I happened to get lucky a few times and won all 5. I’m very much a beginner and not that great. But after my last win it placed me in a diamond league. It’s one thing to know to expect to lose quite a few matches until i get bumped down to bronze, but it’s a little disappointing that I’ll end up causing losses for my teammates.

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