Where are the Occult MMORPGs?

There are a lot of different MMORPGs out there. Despite the industry being overwhelmed by fantasy MMOs, you can still get your fill of other types of games as well. There are plenty of Sci-fi MMORPGs, a Super Hero MMO (with 2 others in development), a couple Pirate themed MMOs. Hell, you even have some historical MMORPGs to choose from if you so desire (WWII Online, Roma Victor). Yep, this industry is finally starting to get some games that actually show some originality. So where are the occult games?

Back in 2006 when CCP (the creators of EVE Online) acquired White Wolf it was a forgone conclusion that we would finally see an MMORPG based in the world of Vampires and Werewolves. I mean, come on, how could somebody not assume that? CCP owns and operates one of the more successful MMORPGs today, it would only makes sense that they’d want to expand those profits into a new game based in a new setting. Unfortunately, we still have heard nothing on the matter. Nothing has been announced, and nothing has really been rumoured.

So where does that leave lovers of the occult? Well, certainly not in the MMO space. There used to be a 2d isometric MMO called Dark Eden that you could play, but I can’t even find that anymore. It was very simplistic, but for those that really wanted to play as a vampire it was the only choice. Nope, the MMORPG industry has yet to embrace this sector of off-fantasy, and it may be some time more before we really see a game based on it. Such a shame as I am a huge fan of these worlds…

Anybody want to watch Underworld?


  1. There’s been no formal announcement (that I’ve seen) out of CCP about the World of Darkness MMO, but they HAVE acknowledged that they’re working on it in various interviews and at their show in Iceland. It’s still really early, though, and it’s GOT to be something fairly radically different from EVE, so I’m figuring it’ll be another year or so before we hear anything really substantive.

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