Who will Win the Galactic Civil War?

The Galactic Civil War between the Rebels and The Empire has been waging for eight brutal years, with heavy loses on both sides, but now is not the time for peace. Now is the time for both sides to muster up all they have left and make one last valiant push for victory and control of the galaxy.

I’m of course referring to the imminent close of Star Wars Galaxies, which is set to shut-down on Dec 15th. However before that happens, the Galactic Civil War will end with one of the two factions claiming total victory. Will the galaxy be ruled by the cold hard fist of The Empire or will freedom reign as the Rebels destroy the evil Empire?

SOE announced last night the details to the path to victory and how players can help win the war for their faction. The war will be decided by Galactic Civil War points that are earned in the planetary control system. Which ever factions controls the most regions at the end of the game will win the war.

That’s sounds awesome! Why didn’t they implement this system years ago?



  1. Why didn’t they implement this system years ago?

    Because it was yet another stupid endless game, and as much as it’s endless nothing can ever, ever happen. If the war ends, it’s not star wars, is it? It’s much like the simpsons even pokes at itself how everything resets at the end of the episode, as well as a bunch of other shows like that.

    Eventually the ‘Endless games are soooo awesome’ bubble will pop. Well, rather than pop it’ll probably sound like really bad flatulance, but anyway…

  2. It can have an ending it they set it up like Guild Wars 2 is with their 2 week world vs world PvP battles. They should just reset it ever few months.

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