Wizard101 Adds New World: Zafaria

KingsIsle is getting ready to cast their next big patch for Wizard101. The upcoming content update, which is scheduled to be released before the end of the year, will introduce a new zone called Zafaria and will shortly be added to the test realm.

The new zone introduces an African-themed world and is a continuation of the Celestia storyline. The update will also increase the level cap from level 60 to 70 with the new Zafaria zone being for players level 60 and up. Along with the new zone, the update will introduce new gear, pets, mounts and of course spells.

Launching along side the update is a minigame called Grub Guardian, which is a tower-defense style game. Grub Guardian will be available via browsers and later on on Android and Apple phones and pads. The new game can be linked to players Wizard101 accounts where players can gain rewards for their pets.


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