World of Battles Goes Live

In addition to the flashy trailer, players can download the full game today. World of Battles is unique in that’s it is a real-time strategy MMO and it is free-to-play. There are nine races to choose from and players will build an army to test against other players. From the trailer, it looks like battles can be truly epic.

If you check it out, come back and tell us if it lives up to the hype.


  1. The game totally rocks! there are lots of tactical possibilities that require some logical skills. Lots of highly detailed units and magic (although i’m forced to play on the average settings (because my PC isn’t strong enough), never the less all animations look pretty cool). Recently they had new patch wich implemented Giants! This is so cool! Feel yourself as a general on the battlefield! Oh man, this game deserves the highest rating!

  2. Oh yeah, i played this game before. But here you have an old trailer. it’s really old. after that they had many patches and the game is totally different now. the interface, the HUD, and most importaint – the graphics. This game is worth trying it out. See it for your self. Check out new trailers on their official website. See you on the battlefield Warlords! :)

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