World of Tanks Christmas Giveaway

MMOCrunch and Wargaming are teaming up this holiday season to offer our readers who haven’t tried out World of Tanks yet to get started by giving away a free T2 Light Tank, one day of premium membership and 300 gold.

The codes can only be used for new accounts and only on EU and North American game servers. If you already have a WoT account, feel free to grab a code anyway and invite a friend to play.

To get your free T2 Light Tank, just head over to our World of Tanks giveaway page and follow directions.


  1. Wow, I totally agree. It’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to establish new ones. It would be nice to see something for us too. I was a bit disappointed to see that the ‘Christmas specials’ were basically: Doubling the experience for the first victory each day (ok, this would make it 4x when it’s actually 5x to be precise), half off certain premium and non-premiumn tanks below tier 6, and other things like this. No discout gold though. Or, why not give all players a real gift of some token amount of gold. Give premium accounts away. Maybe even do it randomly in a way that requires people to be online and playing to get it. Kind of like a raffle. That way, the game developers will be making more money and existing customers (the ones who have made this game the success it is) would be happier.

    Just a thought.

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