World of Tanks: Clan Wars Begins today launched the highly anticipated Clan Wars mode for their tank MMO World of Tanks.  Clan Wars is a browser-based multiplayer addition and geopolitical component of World of Tanks MMO.  Players can participate in Clan Wars by creating clans, which requires 15+ players who have tier 5 vehicles and above.  Once your clan is created, players can begin their attack for world domination from the World maps.

Commanders and Deputy Commanders manage chips distribution on Global Map, so not everyone in the clan gets to make moves.  Other clan members can observe the location and movement of their clan’s forces and headquarters. Also they have access to battle schedules of all clans. World of Tanks: Clan Wars is also turn-based and allows for 24 turns per day, each turn lasting 60 mins.

Below is the official launch video for Clan Wars.