World of Tanks Rolls Out Update 6.5

The latest update to the WWII tank MMO, World of Tanks, is set to roll out onto servers tomorrow June 30th.  Update 6.5 will feature two new maps, Redshire, that depicts a traditional British settlement, and Arctic Region, the very first purely winter location.  The update will also introduce the American tank destroyers line, including the T95 superheavy monster as well as two new light tanks, the American M22 Locust and the Russian T-127.

Update 6.5 will also replace the M26 Pershing with the M46 Patton, which is’s first step to reworking the global tech trees.

“We constantly keep polishing the game balance, and updating World of Tanks to 6.5 is yet another important step in this direction,” said CEO Victor Kislyi. “That’s just the first of the two American TDs branches we’ll be implementing, so we will bring even more strategic satisfaction to our players in the nearest future.”

Servers will go down for the update at 1:00 am EST and should be restored by 9:00 am EST.  For more info, check out the WoT official site.