World of Warcraft Armory Website Down?

After wandering through the interwebs this morning I came across an interesting photo (above). Apparently, the World of Warcraft armory website was down. According to the source of this photo, they tried to access the armory about 7-8 hours ago and this page popped up instead of the real website, which is back up as of this posting. So what does this say about Blizzard?

Not much. The website could have been down for any number of reasons. Although it is worth noting that apparently┬ácontrols the DNS to, which also hints at them actually hosting the website. Apparently all of Blizzard’s own servers are too busy hosting the actual game. Whats the matter Blizz? Running out of money to pay the bills? Enjoy the photo guys. . .

UPDATE: Apparently does not control the DNS servers for but rather something called does. No idea why a lander page appeared, pretty bizarre if you ask me.


  1. Actually this might be a bigger issue. Perhaps Blizzard did not renew the domain name and some stole it after it expired.

  2. Actually, even though this is an old issue, I suspect that whomever took the original screenshot also had some malware residing on this computer.

    Considering how many wow’ers admit to watching “porn” or download movies or tunes from P2P sites, the chances of being hit by such a malady is more probable than Blizzard releasing any control to a third party like Next time the servers come down for regular maintenance or a patch, check to see if the armory is down too.

  3. man im so excited about starcraft 2 that i barely cant wait the release or a beta cd key (please blizz send me a key)

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