World of Warcraft Authenticator Hacked

The worst possible thing to happen to a MMO player is getting their account hacked. All the work that you put in to your account can be gone and the process of getting your character and items back is a painful and long process. Companies of course take steps to protect customers like Blizzard’s Authenticator for World of Warcraft but recent events show that even these aren’t fool proof.

The Authenticator for WoW has a reputation for being hack proof and because of that a lot of people own one. Basically what it does is it gives you a set of random digits that you put in with your original password. So every time you log in to your WoW account you get an extra random password that only the owner of the Authenticator can know.

From what I know there hasn’t been a case of an account that used an Authenticator getting hacked but that changed today. There is a virus going around that can hack the World of Warfcraft Authenticator. The virus intercepts the Authenticator code when you log into WoW and sends Blizzard a wrong one (which is why you can’t log in since you will get a “Wrong info” error) and then the people behind the virus have a few minutes to log into your account with the real Authenticator code. A Blizzard employee said this about the recently hacked WoW accounts that used Authenticators.

So the Authenticator is not a fail safe way to keep accounts safe but it is still a very good investment. If you want to check to see if you have the virus just search for the file “emcor.dll” on your computer. If you have it then your account most likely has already been hacked.

Tools like the Authenticator can only do so much. It is really unfortunate that people are getting hacked even with this security measure but it all comes down to the user. Safe browsing habits, a good anti-virus, common sense (against phishers) and things like an Authenticator can make your account virtually hack proof.


  1. Unfortunately a lot of people are now complaining about these Authenticators. Blizzard (probably for legal reasons) are denying everything; but we now believe almost for certain that inside trading is going on inside Blizzard; selling accounts and gold and what have you without anyone’s knowledge. It is the sheer number of people being hacked that is the problem. A friend of mine recently got hacked and he had an authenticator on his account and didnt even use his computer 3 months. During the hack; Blizzard closed his account for gold selling. How is that possible?

    Unfortunately Wow is no longer a safe game to play – and if you use Battlenet there is a risk you could give your bank details to hackers. It is big buisiness and probably the reason Game Masters could be selling peoples accounts without their knowledge.

    Again – a belief; but I know heaps of people now (not a few) who are getting hacked and Blizzard claiming middle man attacks.

    What is that? Especially when most of us know how to use antivirus programs.

    Personally – it is time to quit Warcraft. Blizzard are not being honest; and this authenticator thing – is simply another scam made to make you spend more money.

  2. I agree something seems to be going on. I have used a Mac the entire time I have played WOW (4 years now) and just got hacked sometime before 10:00 PM Nov 25 and 3:45 AM Nov 26 MST. The ironic thing I got a “warning” supposedly from Blizzard on the Nov 21 that got caught in my spam box so I missed it (if it was genuine). So I am doing the battlenet restore thing and getting an authenticator.

  3. You people don’t really believe Blizzard are selling players account information do you? Honestly take a step back and consider this for a moment.

    #1 The Authenticator is really quite cheap. In fact if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you can download it free of charge.

    #2 If Blizzard were selling account information – why would they even have introduced an Authenticator and methods to get back absolutely everything you lose?

    #3 Blizzard are a company out to make money, while gold farming is rumored to be worth 1 billion USD worldwide I highly doubt all of that is from World of Warcraft. No, chances are Blizzard are quite happy with the player base they already have.

    These conspiracy theories really need to end gentlemen because in truth it makes absolutely zero sense.

  4. I agree with Steven. Don’t jump to conclusions. PC Security is an emerging battlefield, and it’s a shame legitimate users are being victimized again and again, but Blizz would have no interest in victimizing its own users. How many people have quit WoW because of being hacked? Many I bet; it’s just not conductive to the business model.

    As for PC Security itself, it’s a losing battle, fueled by greed and graft. Someday it’ll come down to policing the internet and restricting and securing computers in general, but that day is a long ways away. Until then we are left scurrying to preliminarily circumvent all their methods of attack and subterfuge.

    Somebody set us up the bomb! All your base are belong to us make your time…

  5. #1 The Authenticator is really quite cheap. In fact if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you can download it free of charge.

    Yep that’s one plus, that’s the main delivery system for this proposed ‘ Security feature ‘, keeping people in the mindset that they are alot safer now this little gadget is around, which is for a fair part true.

    #2 If Blizzard were selling account information – why would they even have introduced an Authenticator and methods to get back absolutely everything you lose?

    Because that’s how the system works basically, it’s no hassle for blizzard to give you your account back, its ‘magic money’ to them, on receiving your account back you also inherit the higher possibility it’s going happen again. So really, putting you back in the game adds an extra “mark” for the hackers, when there’s money involved in these types of experiences, it’s like a hunting expedition for hackers.

    Goldsellers then go on to benefit from selling the gold back to players who are likely to have been the victim of an account hack in the past and the more hacking taking place the higher this average will grow. They simply re-hack the account later on and thus rinse and repeat.

    Can’t you see this self feeding self replicating system in action there?

    #3 Blizzard are a company out to make money, while gold farming is rumored to be worth 1 billion USD worldwide I highly doubt all of that is from World of Warcraft. No, chances are Blizzard are quite happy with the player base they already have.

    No company is ever happy with the clientel base they have, there’s no mountain high enough especially in digitial entertainment, and as weve seen in the past another rival company can sweep the rug without hesitation.

    In actual fact, you could probably safely say atleast 50% is from WoW, the original MMO lest we forget.

    You have to look at this from another angle,for example vodafone, they outsource their customer service responsibilities to smaller call center businesses who literally hire ANYBODY off the street, with no qualifications in customer service or experience in such a role before, prop you up with 2 weeks of intense training and have you answering calls in no time.

    Now, even though call centers have strict policy on certain things including the use of pens and paper, the use of mobile phones or any other imaging devices, it’s still VERY possible to have a call centre employee record your details somewhere, on their arm with pen, or some other scrap piece they brought with them, and well..

    IT HAPPENS… i haven’t witnessed it, i haven’t done it.. but you can ALWAYS see opportunities for it to happen and always hear news that it HAS happened (within the company).

    And ALL call centers are pretty much the same, regardless of the contract to whatever major company it might be, whatever country its in, or it’s purpose. Unless Blizzard invested alot of money into putting their employees off stealing peoples data beyond a training video and a sturn talking to followed by a quick story about ‘ a guy who did it and got fired ‘ that the trainer isn’t supposed to tell you, then i reckon blizz customer service can fall under that statement.

    Now, there’s no accusations being posed here and i used another call centre as an example, but perhaps draw your own conclusion with it really. There’s a huge amount of freelance hackers out there, but im enclined to think, beyond even blizzards all seeing eye, somebodies perhaps giving them hackers a leg up, or using the information to benefit themselves.

  6. I am playing on EU with Mac and have authenticator on iPhone. Now travelling in China for few weeks and while trying to connect to Wow it tells me that I have given wrong information. tells the same. Now need to wait for few weeks until I get back home to check whether I got hacked or not. I hope it is just some problem with location change, not a hack…

  7. It IS battlenet. My whole guild quit playing at about the same time give or take a month, in the exact order that these accounts hit 6 months of nonuse each character in that order got hacked. Many of the hacked accounts or in nonuse and being targeted. My account had 0 addons, and wow was installed on a fresh windows 7 install. Everyone is at risk now, keep an eye on your retired players returning many of the accounts are being botted nonstop for gold farming. The only way possible to get information about how long an account has not been played is a database flag. They are also getting credit cards that blizzard stores and are being used to fuel the hacked accounts and often charged back leving the owner holding the bag, it haappened to me. Stop being fanbois and cover your asses, its your pro blizz attitudes that have lead to their apathy about your accounts. Also many people whos accounts were hacked with an authenticator are not being restored as blizz still swears they are not hackable. Good luck if you continue to play this POS game run by a POS company.

  8. Yes, world of warcraft is the #1 played MMO at this time. #2, nothing will ever be hack proof, and yes I’m sure there are 3rd party hackers that are doing some of the hacking. There are legitimate companies that hire people to farm gold and then they sell to the WOW community, however Blizzard seems to have a hacking issue on a daily basis. Here are a few concerns that I have to ask people.

    #1, if you have invested $15 a month into a game, and you get hacked, do you stop playing when you get everything back?

    #2, Blizzard put everything (email addresses, passwords, etc) in one location, on Anyone else notice the fake blizzard emails popping up right after they did that?

    #3, How much does it cost blizzard to have someone in the back room to restore someone’s data? vs How much money can they gain in selling the gold? For all you know, they’re doubled as a gold selling company.

    #4, Blizzard just merged with another company, so if it wasn’t a previous blizzard employee, it could be someone from the merged company.

    the list goes on and on, however I just got hacked I understand that a network can never be 100% secure, however my college degree insures that I’m no dummy. 1 of 2 things is going on. either someone at blizzard is going in and getting information to hack different accounts, or Blizzard’s wonderful idea to put everyone’s information in one spot has backfired and blizzard themselves is being hacked.

  9. LOL why on earth would blizzard sell people’s accounts? That really is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Its really funny that people are thinking that Blizzard needs to steal peoples accounts to sell the gold/etc off them.

    THEY CAN JUST CREATE THE GOLD on a new account and sell that.. why would they take real accounts?? /headdesk

  10. Omg, i can’t go in my account (world of warcraft)
    It’s a error: This World Of Warcraft account has been temporaly suspended please go to …….

    I’m really messed up, please help me.
    And I can be hacked? :s

  11. LOL I have 3 accounts all with cat. and 85’s and none of them have been hacked beacuse when i go to a websight i dont put my e-mail ect. in there is some things that hackers use on the Blizzard website like when it asks you to log in b4 you get to see the page it is a hacker so when that pops up put in fake info it will work

  12. Has anyone considered the possibility that it’s Blizzard employees thats selling the accounts for their own private personal gain and the company itself does not control that. Is it really impossible for a GM to go rogue and do something of the sort without Blizzard’s knowledge. Just a thought.

  13. so if i buy a new account and if i use in this account athenticator i will be safe or i will get hack in some months?

    my computer is not very good and my anti-virus sucks with the athenticator i will be safe or ??

    i am planing to take a new pc (sumer) untill summer comes who can tell me my account will be safe or no ?

  14. Personally, I’ve had my account hacked each time I’ve quit WoW. I won’t log into the program, or any other programs using similar information. This last time I had the authenticator as well. I have a firewall up, use safe browsing practices, and use an updated antivirus program weekly.

    These things only happen once I quit world of warcraft, leading me to believe they wait until you quit, and then sell the information/characters of whatever. Barring that, they’re probably just closing your account in such a manner that you’ll end up buying the game again to play it, and have to re-purchase all the expansions/authenticator etc.

    If you leave your account open, these things don’t happen. This leads me to believe it’s a vendetta against quitters. I’ve quit three times now in the last 6 years, and every time this has happened.

  15. I have no idea what the heck is going on in Wow. I got hacked in Nov 2010 after I had quit for 6 months. When I decided to return to the game, I had to go through the entire recovery process and then spend the month of January repairing the damage done to my character. I thought that was the last of it.

    When I left to take a one week vacation (in real life but at home) I returned to check my email only to see that I had been hacked again. The thing is that I was still a subscriber and had been out of WoW for no more than 2 weeks. It’s not a vendetta against quitters because I hadnt even quit.

    I am careful with the sites I go to, Im even more careful with the information I give over the internet. I also have anti-virus/malware thats updated on a regular basis. So I dont think it’s me. It could be but I have thoroughly checked and scanned but found nothing in my gaming pc.

    Im going to go through the recovery process again and making sure I get the authenticator (along with the month its going to take me to replace my items). I’m not blaming Blizzard for this but I wonder if it could be a problem on their side of the house.

    Frankly, Im questioning whether I even want to play anymore since its becoming a chore to spend a long time replacing everything lost only to get hacked weeks later. If I get hacked again, Im going to drop this game. Too much hassle.

  16. Well someone just came on my account today and hacked it. I get a e-mail from Blizzard saying it was banned for gold selling.

    Had eight characters on it including a level 71 Paladin. I’ve barely been playing three months on-and-off and now I have to wait until this Monday morning to call Blizzard and tell them my account has been hacked.

    I purchased Cataclysm and everything else I need to met the requirements to play.

    What am I supposed to do? Change my password to something that’s tons of characters long or get myself better protection?

  17. I have something else to say in response to the one I made above.

    I think the way you have to use the same account for BOTH logging into the game and going on was a TERRIBLE idea. One poster mentioned here that early in the game you just made up a name and off you went. Why can’t Blizzard go back to that? Surely I think we wouldn’t be having nearly as many problems, at least as far as account security goes.

    WoW is currently vulnerable to all types of attacks. My attack was by a greedy gold farmer. I just logged into my account after changing the password and I noticed two level 1 Tauren characters that I know I didn’t add. I definitely know I have seen lowly characters advertise gold in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Since my account is currently suspended, I think that’s what he was using my account for.

    So I’m going to buy an authenticator. I did a checkup for all of my characters on the profiles and I didn’t notice anything that the hacker stole. Hopefully what he only did was use me for RWTing, and nothing more.

    Still though, I am facing a three day suspension that will expire this Thursday. Hopefully he won’t do the same thing again, because this time I will be encrypting a very strong password.

    God bless me if I have no keyloggers.

  18. Obviously Blizzard the company aren’t selling details, that would be insane.

    But I’m an old school player who tends to reactivate my account once a year a so for a few months to play for a bit & get bored again. But each time for the last three years my account is taken over 3-6 months after the sub runs out, so something weird is going on.

  19. Same here, Pompom! I’m somewhat relieved that others are having the same problem as me, but now I’m somewhat concerned something funny is going on at Blizzard.

  20. The idea that Blizzard Entertainment (or even Activision Blizzard) is performing gold selling is a conspiracy theory at best.

    At 12m subs paying say 13 dollars per month (which is probably optimist given the pricing models for Asia and Latin America) is 1.8b per year in revenue. If the entire gold selling industry is 1b across all games it is probably not worth the cost in customer maintenance for Blizzard to consider it.

    Also, they control the entire game so if they really wanted to do gold selling they could just make money out of thin air, like governments, and sell that without the customer service expenditure at all. This was mentioned by someone above.

    Regarding hacking and the authenticator, there is no such thing as a foolproof security setup, there is always a way to get around it and all it requires is time, patience and ingenuity (be it technical or social ingenuity.) The man-in-the-middle attack is a very real problem and existed long before WoW came about, it is one of the best ways to defeat the security of SSH encrypted tunnels for those who do not read warnings about key mismatches and eliminates all of the security of data encryption. The tactic in the case of WoW would involve either updating a local hosts file or DNS cache poisoning. The first is more trivial compared to the latter however the latter can score many accounts at once versus the former only getting one person’s account(s).

    The authenticator makes it more difficult over all since it takes away the time and patience elements of hacking and requires mostly ingenuity to pull off. It is not foolproof since the man-in-the-middle attack can be effective against it, also I am under the impression if the email address that the account is tied to is hacked the authenticator will not help you there either.

  21. Add my name to the list of hacked accounts with the authenticator. Oh my…sure starts to look like an “inside job.”

    Nah…it’s a conspiracy theory, the air is safe to breath and the water is safe to drink…nuclear power is clean and efficient…Oswald shot JFK, Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby, 47 story steel reinforced buildings come down at free fall speed do to office fires…

  22. If blizzard are selling gold, they want as little inflation in the game as possible, that’s why they hack people instead of just making it out of thin air(if they hack people who hae already quit playing then there’s a chance that they wont recover their lost items=no inflation) and if they’r selling accounts then they cant make new once just like that because like any other company they have to be able to pass an inspection. Im not saying blizzard are selling gold/accounts, im just saying it’s not stupid to belive so.

  23. I hate blizzard they take there time with account recovery I have an authenticator and It got removed then another one got put on in the space of 2 hours ffs and I agree it is possible and likely blizzard are hacking and selling accounts.

  24. I stopped playing wow last July and just a month ago or so my account was banned for gold farming. Today I found out my credit card was cancelled by the bank for possible fraudulent charges. Here’s the thing…

    The credit card that go stolen is the same card used on to pay for wow and NOTHING ELSE… EVER!!!! I talked to the bank and she verified that there have been no charges on the card since last July when I stopped playing WoW. The card never leaves the safe in my house and has never EVER and I repeat EVER been used for anything other than WoW.

    I find it very odd that shortly after my account was stolen somoen tried to go on a shopping spree with the very same card only used for paying for WoW. There is only one place they could have gotten both my card number and my 3 digit code is from Blizzard/ since it’s the only place I’ve ever used it.

    Don’t give me the “you have a virus” crap that logged my card number because that’s crap… I opened my wow account years ago and that is the only time I’ve ever typed in those numbers, when I first opened my account years ago so no keylogger stole my numbers and the person didn’t wait until now to use my card.

    An employee at either Blizzard or stole the info from the database OR Blizzard or was recently breached and they just haven’t found out about it. By law they need to report hacks but if they don’t know then what would they have to report?

    It’s simple, some employee stole the info from the database and used it or sold it OR someone hacked them and stole my credit card info from them.

    I work in the financial world and credit card info is stored in databases along with the security code for things like monthly charges. Yes there are safeguards but have you ever needed to call the bank about a card? The employee can see all your card numbers and security codes and the same thing is possible for people working close with the databases. I have access to finanacial databases for my job and I see the info all the time so I know what I’m tlaking about. It sucks that some employee is doing this if thats the case and it sucks that they don’t know they have a data breach if that is the case.

  25. I concer with Aaron. I also work in the financial industry and see 80+ credit card accounts per day. Sometimes more because the account has multiple credit cards. Yes call centers have rules for no pen\paper\cell phones but my managers are so busy they spend most of their time with their heads pointed at their own screens. People use their cell phones all the time while at their desk and get away with it. I’ve had this theory for a long time and only recently decided to google it. Low and behold Im not alone. Either someone is selling info or blizzard’s servers get hacked on a regular basis and they just dont tell anyone because they would lose so many plays so fast. They’ve gotten so big they have to lie to keep their jobs. This same thing happens on Guild Wars with Arenanet. Plus if I haven’t played the game in a year and my account gets blocked for spamming\gold farming then someone had to have added gametime to use my account. So why is there absolutly no mention of new gametime or trial time added to my account?? Simple….Inside job.

  26. I’ve been hacked everytime I suspend my account for very long.

    The real problem with Blizz is the way they handle suspended/cancelled accounts. They don’t do what would be standard practice for any other company handling massive user bases – MOVE dead accounts offline. Instead, they leave them on the original, active servers. Moving accounts back-and-forth between offline and online servers may be a pain (I know, I used to have to do it, on a much smaller scale — it can rapidly become a logistical nightmare if the environment is very complex), but it’s really the only way. I hope Blizz is looking into a way to do this.

  27. My theory is that blizzard employees (probably GMS) are the ones stealing these accounts. They target inactive accounts with level 85 mages because they can teleport everywhere and be used for farming. All others characters have their gear sold off or disenchanted then those characters are deleted for ingame spamvertising. These corrupt employees either sell the account info to gold farmers or they out right own these gold selling sites themselves.

  28. Those of you using authenticator on your computer by using an emulator are not smart. Viruses can be made for those emulators. The only authenticator that isn’t hackable is the keychain authenticator. For those of you that think you can trick a keylogger…you cannot unless by using an onscreen keyboard. Keyloggers can pick up a backspace key or delete key. The emcor.dll is the virus responsible for hacking authenticators that people use in android emulators (which are installed on the computer). I am sure at some point someone will make a virus that will hack your phones too. If people are using keyboards with macro buttons (that you think is a way to fool a keylogger), you are wrong. Inputs are still sent to the computer through the keyboard. The only time an account notices that there is unusual activity on it, is if you recently logged on from said location, and then not too long after someone else logs on from a different location that is a good distance away. A few miles wont matter. Finally viruses can be upgraded, changed, or renamed. emcor.dll may not be the virus used anymore. the DLL can be changed to another name. Get a keychain authenticator. pay the 6.50.

    dont use other peoples computers or public computers. if you cant spend a few days away from the game, you have a serious addiction and need help. Remember its a video game. no matter how much time you put into this game, its all for nothing. Its immaterial.

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