World of Warcraft Creative Dev Team Talk Lore

A few weeks ago staff on the World of Warcraft official Story Forum asked players to post questions for the game’s Creative Development team. Today those questions finally received a response!

Bornakk and the community staff at Blizzard Entertainment posted as many answers as they felt they could, relying on well-known company lore masters Chris Metzen and Alex Afrasiabi for guidance. The questions ranged from “Do incubi exist?” to “What’s the story with goblin shamans?”, and the answers are a must-read for any WoW lore fan.

Most of the details are about previous events in Azeroth’s history, such as the death of Queen of Stormwind Tiffin Wrynn, but a few items give some hints about future content. Bornakk reveals, for example, that there is a nod to the addition of troll druids in Cataclysm during the upcoming “Zalazane’s Fall” event, and confirms that after the death of the Lich King Frostmourne was shattered and lost. (No return from the grave for Arthas!)

Bornakk said that many of the player-generated questions would be answered by upcoming patches and the Cataclysm expansion, as well as published novels. Blizzard Entertainment has been praised for its detailed and consistent storytelling and world-building over the fifteen years of the Warcraft franchise, and it’s nice to see the organization give some time to the lore-hungry fans of their work.