World of Warcraft Gamers March for Ron Paul?!

Ron Paul, a Presidential hopeful for the Republican party, is getting a little help from World of Warcraft gamers. A group of Ron Paul supporters on the Whisperwind server are planing on marching from IF to Stormwind in support of their candidate.

Now I’m no genius, but holding a political event in a game that is mostly made up of people that can’t vote doesn’t sound like a very good idea. If only Whisperwind were a PVP server, the mayhem that would surely ensue would be glorious. I can just see it now, Ron Paul supports are slaughtered on their political march.

Even thought it isn’t a PVP server if anyone games there feel free to send us some screenshot if anything interesting happens. Heres the time. News Years Day at 8:30 pm EST (won’t move out until 9:15 pm EST)


  1. Not old enough to vote? Perhaps you should fire your demographics analyst. After an age count online just before the march, it was figured roughly 2/3 of the people marching were at least old enough to vote, with plenty of them older than myself (38).

    Age aside, the true purpose of the march was to get attention to Ron Paul, which you have helped us do, so thank you kindly. Perhaps you might (at a future WoW march) get a 14-day pass to play as some folks did and march with us.

    And by the way, thanks for wishing us “slaughtered” during the march, butthole.

  2. “And by the way, thanks for wishing us “slaughtered” during the march, butthole.”

    Rush Limbaugh, ladies and gentlemen…let’s hear it for Rush Limbaugh!

    Seriously, though…while I appreciate your devotion to your candidate, BDL, is it really going to be helpful to get media attention attaching Paul to video gaming, which is continually decried as a bad influence on our youth?

    Getting attention for your candidate is a worthy goal…but if it’s not beneficial attention, what’s the point?

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