World of Warcraft Gold Seller Performance Art

Gold sellers are an eternal irritation in World of Warcraft, but it seems they’re becoming quite imaginative in their quest to part WoW players from their cash. A strange new wave of WoW gold seller performance art has hit the game over the past few weeks, according to the official forums, evolving from the previous practice of “corpse art”. Corpse art was achieved by numerous gold sellers killing themselves and arranging the corpses in order to either spell something out or simply attract attention.

The above picture, however, shows an even greater exploitation of game mechanics, as it is achieved by taking advantage of the tolerance that is built into the system for lag. Using characters in different poses, standing, sitting and sleeping, the gold sellers then hack the client to move them just enough to form the advertisement without setting off WoW’s  anti-cheating routines, as it looks like the players are simply lagging a little. Inventive, yes, but I’ve no doubt the GMs already have their hands full trying to combat it.


  1. Twenty years ago, if I had read a SF story where there was a virtual world but people hacked it with bodies to show images, I’d have gone ‘nah, they’d have such control over the virtual world, that couldn’t happen!’

    But I would have been wrong.

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