World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Patch 5.1

After having a lot of content added when MoP landed, Blizzard wants to stay true to it’s own word, of bringing content in a faster pace, and Daxxari and Zarhym are pleased to inform us that patch 5.1 is well under way. Blizzard is in fact planning to release the new patch soon on the public test realms, initially however it will not yet include all of the 5.1 patch update. But it didn’t end there, we also got a glimpse of what is to come in 5.1.

First off, we will see more Alliance and Horde come to the shores of Pandaria, which is going to increase the tension between the two groups; this will also open up more dailies and new faction reputations – one important note though, if you want to see this you will have to have completed Pandaria already.

We will also get to see the Brawler’s Guild where players will have the opportunity to earn bragging rights by testing their solo PvE skills against some of the toughest creatures found in World of Warcraft.

There also be an improvement in Pet Battles, which includes a way to increase the rarity of the pet that the player has captured.

In the final bullet point, Blizzard plans to introduce Item Upgrades where the player can spend Valor Points to the item level and quality of gear the player owns and last but certainly not the least, the quests in Pandaria will continue on the south shores.


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While Mists of Pandaria already comes packed full of some of the most diverse and expansive World of Warcraft content to date, we’re staying true to our goal of delivering new content faster. With that in mind, we’re pleased to share that the first major Mists of Pandaria content update, Patch 5.1, is well underway.
In fact, our plan is to release a build of patch 5.1 on the Public Test Realms soon so you can experience it for yourself! Initially, the PTR build won’t include all of the 5.1 patch content, but here’s a glimpse of the major features that are already in the pipeline.

Patch 5.1 Features

Pandaria and the War of Conquest
While members of the Horde and the Alliance have been busy exploring the exotic continent of Pandaria, Garrosh and Varian have been gathering their forces in preparation for the struggle to exert the influence of the Horde and the Alliance over these long-lost lands. Players who have quested through Pandaria will find Horde and Alliance expeditions arriving in force on the shores of the unspoiled continent, bringing the tensions between these factions to the fore. New daily quest hubs and faction reputations will be available to adventurers eager to do their part in the brewing conflict.

Brawler’s Guild
Underground fighting rings have sprung up in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that will give brawlers a chance to earn bragging rights by testing their solo PvE mettle against some of the toughest creatures found in World of Warcraft. The first rule of brawls is you don’t talk about brawls. The second rule…

Pet Battles Improvements
Several UI and other improvements will be added to the Pet Battles system, including a way to upgrade the rarity of pets that you’ve captured.

Item Upgrades
You will be able to spend Valor Points to improve the item level and quality of gear you already own.

The Quest Continues
Wrathion is keenly interested in the conflict exploding between the factions on Pandaria’s southern shore. He’s sure to have additional tasks for players to complete as they continue their quest for Legendary gear.

Keep in mind this is only a taste of what’s to come, and that there’s even more in store. Stay tuned for additional details as we prepare to release Patch 5.1 for testing!


  1. First major content patch of the expansion less than a month out? Are they hurting to keep people playing or was this all stuff that was promised at release and they just got around to adding it?

    Asking in all seriousness. I gave up on WoW over a year ago, stopped enjoying it when Cataclysm was released, and I think I quit the christmas that followed it’s release. Was that over a year ago? o.o HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN AWAY!?

  2. Cataclysm was two years ago. They actually are going with a new model for patches of every other patch being a minor one like this that brings new dailies and achievements and stuff, with the even ones being major content patches with raids, and perhaps dungeons.
    If I recall, TOR had a patch just a month after launch too. This is just stuff they’ve planned for Patch 5.1

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