WoW PTR Patch 4.2 — Hip New Hairstyles Appear at Barbershop (Video)

Character personalization is a big deal on many an MMO, and I’m always happy to see new options added for players to try on their toons. World of Warcraft‘s PTR for Patch 4.2 has added in a bunch of new hairstyles for characters to choose from at the barbershop. Some are fanciful, others somewhat plain, but all are a welcome addition from my point of view.

While not all race/gender combinations are included as of the current PTR build, this video shows a look at what is currently available, and hopefully will be added once the patch hits the live servers.  There still may be more to come on this front, as suggested by some datamined hairstyles that aren’t yet available. Hopefully we’ll see all the races represented — although it looks like Goblins and Worgens don’t have anything new just yet.

The PTR was being finnicky and not allowing my blood elf female to take a seat at the barbershop — but thanks to Pjammiez on the MMO Champion forums, I can at least share a screenshot (above).

Enjoy the video and personalizing your character! What else would you like to see from the PTR? Let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.

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  1. you know if you want to spin camera around smoothly you can just use something like /run local y=1 local f=CreateFrame(“frame”, nil, UIParent) f:SetScript(“OnUpdate”, function () y=y+1 FlipCameraYaw(2) if(y==180)then f:SetScript(“OnUpdate”, nil) end end)

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