WoWFlix: WoW Meets Portal

In honor of Steam’s newfound availability on Macs, and for Portal being free until May 24th, we are going to feature Portal related WoW videos.

First up, the classic video “The Device has Been Modified”, made way back in 2008 when “the cake is a lie” and Rick Roll were still funny.

I attribute the popularity of that song to the machinima wholeheartedly. For those who get addicted to the remix, go ahead and give it a free download.

The Device has Been Modified will undoubtedly go down as one of the most well-known WoW machinima of all time. While many recent machinima have been of much higher quality and production value, this one was top notch for its time.

Check out more videos that follow this same theme after the cut.

Secondly, a more recent and just as addicting video, “Still Alive – JoCo version”:

I knew that Jonathan Coulton had written Still Alive, the closing song for Portal, but I didn’t know he had done an “acoustic” version with his own singing. Its a great treat for fans of JoCo, Portal, and Still Alive (it should be no surprise with my love of math and science that I am a huge Still Alive fan).

The video is a great adaption of the song to the World of Warcraft. There are a lot of clever analogies made in the song, like Aperture Science and the Scourge. Some of the lines, like “threw every piece into a fire” and Alexstrasza burning the Wrathgate battlefield make me squeal. And lets not let the “these points of data make a beautiful line” bit of the video.

Mike Spiff Booth makes WoW videos for lots of JoCo songs, including his widely popular Code Monkey video, which gained popularity for being one of the earliest WoW machinima, predating The Burning Crusade, as well as being considered a semi-official music video for one of JoCo’s first big hits. It really showed what could be done with machinima and music.

So, before we get more off topic, I’m going to go play Portal. On my Mac. And then WoW.


  1. Before I liked Lore Hounds, now I absolutely love you! I get to play portal. FOR FREE!
    I don’t think you can get much less than the three I have for you for being the announcer of this great news, and it’s even better, because it’s my birthday tomorrow!
    The only problem I have with the videos is in the Still Alive one, I think he uses the forsaken as though they are on the Lich King’s side.
    Any way, <3 Heartbourne.

  2. So THAT’S where the theme song from Code Monkey’s came from. I loved that song and show, but I think it got canceled :(

  3. Great free portal info, I reinstalled steam and am downloading now.. can only hope I am smart enough to play it. (I am only WoW smart :( )

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