YNK Interactive Launches Seal Online

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Another MMO in town. Seal Online, the YNK Interactive creation, is an Anime MMORPG for all kind of players that like the anime style.

In this game, you’ll be able to to explore  Shiltz, a world in constant turmoil under the non-stop battle between humans and Bales, the races protected by the gods Elim and Balie. Looks like after a long time battling, the Bales have disappeared and nobody knows where they are. You’ll be suggested to travel to the past, investigating the roots of the mystery, uncovering the lost history and an unveiled truth hidden behind distorted historical accounts.

Here are some of the features of the game:

·  Speed Partying – Players can level quickly through a party match system conveniently located in the game’s interface.

·  Couple Leveling – This system allows couples to gain matching costumes, prizes, and gifts while they play together.

·  Raiding – Players can gather their friends from other servers into guilds, to team up for battle against high level monsters.

·  Crafting – The crafting system allows players to refine weapons and armor with monster drops, in order to enhance their gear for special abilities and effects.

·  Character Profile – Profiles are available in game where players can share information about themselves for a more interactive community.

·  Morphing – The Polymorph system enables players to transform into creatures.

·  PVPing – Players can combat other players in the Catacombs arena to test their skills before battling real monsters.

·  Pets – There is a variety of pets which players can find, feed, raise, and evolve, to enhance game play.

In celebration of the launching of the Seal Online, YNK Interactive is offering several discounts in Item Mall of the game. For more information about Seal Online, visit the official page. It’s quite complete and very useful, having a good game guide.

More to come here, at MMOCrunch.com.