Lore Hound LiveCast Episode 2: Round Two, FIGHT!

After two months passing by, with a Cataclysmic Event going between it, Nathan Harris and his devil’s advocate, Kyle Thomas, return for your random viewing pleasure. After initiating a few tweaks to look, placement and design, the two shall return with an improved format. Be here to watch it live on Saturday, January 29th at 2 p.m. PST (5 p.m. EST). Or you can view it on our Facebook page, or Livestream page.

Continue on to see a basic view of items we might be discussing. But anything is possible — and in fact, the topic list is subject to change drastically depending on what viewers want to hear about. So make sure to come back at showtime!

Whatcha Been Playin?

Kyle: World of Warcraft

Nathan: World of Warcraft, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty


World of Warcraft

  • Favorite Zones
  • Guild Experience Reduced by 90%
  • Guild Advancement and It’s Flaws
  • PvP
  • Class Changes
  • Overall Changes in 4.06
  • Difficult Raid Content

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Trek Online

Fallen Earth



  1. Due to major technical difficulties (PC needs to be taken in – I’ll leave it at that), LiveCast is canceled at this time.

    I’ll re-post when things are up and running again. Look for it sometime Mid to End February.

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