Lore Hound LiveCast Episode 5: Something E3 Related

Now that the Pre-E3 blues are gone, Beararms and Mordil are here to talk eagerly about this year’s biggest gaming convention in the Americas month’s MMO industry news.

See what toy they’re now using to keep track of the agenda, rather than that clunky and attention-stealing laptop here, or on our Facebook / Livestream page. Below the video is our topics for today.

Reminder: it starts at 11 AM PDT (2PM EDT).

Whatcha Been Playin?

Kyle: L.A Noire, Rift, Oblivion, Portal 2, Magic: The Gathering, Forsaken World

Nathan: Shakes and Fidget, Pathfinder, Starcraft II, Angry Birds / Hex Empire


  • Hackers that attacked SOE and Sony now move on to other gaming IPs (EVE, LoL, Minecraft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Epic Games, BioWare…)
  • E3 Reception – How did we feel about this year
  • Minecraft hits 2.5 million sales

World of Warcraft

Starcraft II


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Trek Online

  • Season 4 announced: Major ground combat overhaul (it’s about time..), animations, new missions, Voice chat, UI interfaces changes / updates, and more

Lord of the Rings Online

Fallen Earth


  • WiiU – Good or bad? What are our feelings
  • Now that E3 has happened, what did we see that we liked? What did we get pumped up to play at PAX?
  • Plans on the road to PAX Prime 2011

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