Lore Hound MMOcast: Episode 9

Join iTZKooPA, Amatera, and Juggynaut for this episode of the MMOcast. Topics up for discussion include:
  • Another Turbine Special: LotRO Welcome Back Week
  • GDC Austin re-brands to GDC Online. Makes perfect sense and doesn’t sound like a disease. Looking at you Syfy.
  • APB intro trailer.
  • Acclaim purchased by Playdom. Will remain as a development house.
  • EverQuest II introduces sparkly pony+1. Take that Celestial Steed.
  • Star Trek Online latest State of the Game
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic players heading to Hoth in some capacity.
  • How important is the graphics of the game you’re playing? Could a game like Rift: Planes of Telara draw you in with graphics, then hope to hook with gameplay?

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