DDO: Menace of the Underdark PAX East Interview

The first Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion, Menance of the Underdark, is getting ready for its June 25th release and we were able to talk with Executive Producer, Fernando Paiz, at Pax East 2012 about it.

Menance of the Underdark is the games largest content update thus far and will send players into the Forgotten Realms where they’ll have to face the Queen of the Spiders, Lolth. It also introduces the new Druid class and will increase the level cap to 25 by introducing Epic Levels and Epic Destinies.

With this expansion, DDO will be stepping away from instances and steering more towards creating an open world, “We stopped short of making the world a full open world, but what we did was build it in a way you can see off in the distance the places that you’re going to and walk from place to place“, ┬áMr. Paiz stated.

Players will also be able to get their hands on the expansion next month when the game launches into closed beta testing.

Check our the full DDO: Menance of the Underdark Pax East interview below.