Sony Bulks Up, Acquires Cloud-gaming Specialist Gaikai

Wondering what Sony’s plans are for the future of gaming. Not just Sony Online Entertainment, but the company’s console endeavors as well? Well, the purchase of cloud-gaming specialist Gaikai for a tidy sum of $380 million should shed some light on the future.

“SCE will deliver a world-class cloud-streaming service that allows users to instantly enjoy a broad array of content ranging from immersive core games with rich graphics to casual content anytime, anywhere on a variety of internet-connected devices.”

If you have not heard of Gaikai before, the company is responsible for setting up numerous streaming sessions of AAA titles, from an early look at the TERA demo to a collection of games from EA, Ubisoft and WBIE.

The original article continues down a console-oriented path, but the possibilities for Sony Online Entertainment’s properties are intriguing. Could we see added connectivity options through browser-based titles or basic access points? Will SOE look to develop on the platform? Does Gaikai’s technology allow for slicker cross-platform access?

What are your thoughts and expectations?