Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms Announced, Trailer Coming During SDCC

Gamers and Game Of Thrones fans have known that an MMORPG based upon the HBO show has been in the works at Bigpoint for awhile. Today, the developer revealed official details on the tie-in for the first time. Titled Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, the title is a F2P MMORPG set in the Game of Thrones universe created by HBO.

“Selecting a game’s title can be quite an arduous process, especially in the free-to-play space where games must be easily discoverable by players around the world,” said Max Pfaff, Producer, Bigpoint. “By selecting Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms we’re confident that we’ve chosen an identifiable name that will resonate with the global community of diehard Thrones fans.”

Hit the jump for the trio of screenshots hinting at the graphical fidelity delivered by the Unity engine that the upcoming trailer will highlight. There’s also details to, you know, the plot and gameplay behind the cut.

No (major) spoilers, unlike the official press release! Jerks!
We have to wait until San Diego Comic Con for a full trailer reveal, but Bigpoint did discuss the title’s lore. Set after the climatic deaths of Season 1, Seven Kingdoms will challenge players during the Clash of Kings as Robert Stark and the Baratheon Brothers attempt to usurp Joffrey Baratheon’s throne. Players will engage in PvP, political backstabbing and siege combat.

Bigpoint is once again collaborating with Artplant on the development of Seven Kingdoms. The two companies previously tag teamed another TV tie-in, Battlestar Galactica Online.

Currently, there is no publicly available release window.


  1. Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of all the Game of Thrones stuff. There’s about 2-3 different board / card games, and now an MMO? I know it’s a pretty good HBO series (never watched it myself), but honestly, enough is enough. It’s starting to turn into the Star Wars franchise.

  2. “…created by HBO”

    Umm, ya know… There were originally some books too…. They weren’t bad… Had kinda a small following, etc….

    The game itself, though? Eh *shrug* brought to us by the same people who did battle star online? Big point? This will likely go straight to my “that’ll not turn out well” folder and probably never have reason to come out.

  3. @Atnor
    Yes, we know there were books but the game is not based on them. It’s based on the modified world of the HBO show not the A Song of Fire and Ice universe.

  4. @Mordil

    While you have the right to your opinion, (I agree that there has been a glut of GoT merchandise and can understand your point of view about how in-your-face it is) I for one am a very happy camper. George R.R. Martin has created an incredibly rich, multi-faceted, brutal, complex, and realistic world peopled with literally thousands of characters just as rich. This Universe seems tailor-made for RPGs and is so vast, layered, richly established, and , there are literally thousands of possibilities for gameplay. A MMORPG of this game could break barriers between the gaming community and the general public because of its popularity and the rich gaming potential of the Universe. This could also be a fantasy game to end all fantasy games, since the multitude of settings and character types has the potential to include every conceivable scenario (there are ocean and river battles, mountain settings, snow settings, city sieges, deserts, hand-to-hand combat, battalion-type battles, army-type battles; character types range from children to knights, assassins, pirates, rangers, mounted horsemen, swordsmen, thieves, spartan-like warriors, kings, giants, skinchangers, wizards, witches, etc., etc. etc.). The realism of this world (it’s more like a medieval drama than your typical swords and sorcery fare) has the potential to attract many players from the general public that might otherwise be turned off by something too fantasy heavy.

    I am glad to accept your point of view if it continues unchanged, but first I implore you to jump into the world of a Song of Fire and Ice (the books, being the original source material, are a fantastic place to start as is the 1st season of the HBO show, I dare you not to be hooked after the end of the 1st episode) before passing judgement. And just imagine how much fun playing in that wonderful world would be.

  5. @RadiusRS
    I actually refuse to watch the show based off the content, and as ITZKooPA said, the game is based off of the show, and not the books, so that limits what they have to work with. Honestly, just because there’s so much potential, doesn’t mean it’ll be met. I’ve become quite pessimistic with new MMOs as they continue to promise possibilities and then they never reach them.
    For me, RPGs are all about me, and my character. I like the stories, but I want to be a part of them. If I’m not, then it doesn’t pertain to me. That’s just my style of story. Having a living, breathing world is great, but at the end of the day, I want it to be all about me.
    From what you described, that could be said about any fantasy universe. That’s just my $0.02.
    I’ve been trying to pick up the books, but I honestly just don’t have time, and from what I’ve seen of it, it’s not my cup of tea.

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