Exclusive Video Interview: RaiderZ Feasts, Transformations & “Having Fun”

Posted by on September 11, 2012 - 17 Comments »

RaiderZ is shaping up to be a monster hunters perfect outlet. With dozens of unique monsters to hunt across the world of Rendel, the upcoming MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment will quench any dungeon crawlers loot requirements. And launch is closer than you think, as Mark Hill discusses in his most recent interview with LoreHound.com

Executive Producer Mark Hill recapped the importance of the title’s closed beta process, dubbing the culmination of the CB as “living in the forums” before he began detailing the upcoming patch for Open Beta. PWE added a parade of new content to the title before wrapping CB, including the teased monster transformations, but there’s plenty more to come. Additional transformations, a level cap increase to level 35, the new Grand Wall of Silence zone, feasts – including weaponized food! – and additional horizontal systems.

Hit the cut for gameplay shots of the cat and bunny transformations, screenshots and gameplay of the Grand Wall of Silence boss encounter and what gamers can hope for from the 2012 release. Again, it’s all about “Having fun.