PAX Unplugged Mixdown

December 31, 2019 wedgeantilles 0

Even though table gaming hasn’t traditionally been a focus of Lore Hound, we hit the pavement at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia to see what’s happening in the world of board […]

New Jawn

February 18, 2019 wedgeantilles 0

With the Activision/Blizzard layoffs last week, it is clear that gaming has taken another turn, this time likely into the post-boom normalcy. As a skateboarder, I watched as the Tony […]

Gaming is Mainstream

March 2, 2018 wedgeantilles 0

Something is happening in USA. Gaming is becoming cool. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it always has been, but these days, with the popularization of Overwatch and sexy […]