PAX Unplugged Mixdown

Even though table gaming hasn’t traditionally been a focus of Lore Hound, we hit the pavement at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia to see what’s happening in the world of board games.  

As a seasoned table gamer, Term led the charge as I hung back and soaked in what I could.  As an ADHD riddled man child who needs flashy colors and loud sound effects to keep my attention, table games have never really been my cup of tea.  That said, with Termeric by my side to “sherpa” me through Unplugged, we found some board games even I could stomach!  From a table top Canadian bastardization of shuffleboard to a dice rolling story telling game, we turned over the stones at PAX Unplugged to find the hidden gems within. We even decided to take a stab at recording a podcast of our experiences!