Neverwinter: Beta Weekends Announced, Drizzt Priced at $200

Beta Weekends! The day draws near where we will finally be able to see what this long delayed MMO is like under the hood!  I’m not sure what I’m reacting to more, the beta weekend announcement, or the $200 pricetag on Drizzt.   Ok, ok, it’s not really Drizzt, but for $199.99 you get a special Menzoberranzan Drow race that comes with its own panther pet and armored spider mount. I’d wonder how many Drizzt clones this would spawn, but let’s face it, there would have been a million even without the special Drizzt race. I see XxxDrizztxxX variations in every MMO I’ve ever played, so I’m expecting to be swimming in them in an actual D&D game.

Hit the jump for more details on the 3 different Founder’s Packs and the beta weekend dates.

There will be 3 Neverwinter beta weekends: February 8-10, March 8-10 and March 22-24. Anyone who has signed up has a chance to be invited into them, although my guess is the odds of getting in this way will be slim to none.  But never fear! If you simply must have access, 2 of the 3 Founder’s Packs come with guaranteed access to the beta weekends!

The $19.99 Neverwinter Starter Pack comes with:

  • ‘Adventurer’s Helper Pack that holds 6 different types of in game items. Unfortunately there’s no details that I’ve seen detailing whether this is a random draw, or  if it comes with 6 specific items.
  • A Small Bag of Holding that provides 12 extra inventory slots.
  • An Amulet of Protection – though what it protects against is unstated. My guess – based on absolutely nothing – is it’ll just be a standard +1 item.

The $59.99 Guardian of Neverwinter features:

  • Full entry into all 3 beta weekends.
  • Three day headstart into the open beta. I find an open beta headstart a little odd, but whatever works. :)
  • Unique Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia head gear.
  • Unique Armored Horse mount.
  • Unique Direwolf Companion.
  • Founder title, for use in both the game and the forums.

The $199.99 Hero of the North Founder’s Pack features:

  • Full access to all 3 beta weekends.
  • Five day open beta headstart.
  • A friend invite to the beta weekends.
  • Menzoberranzon Renegade: A unique race modeled after the famous Drizzt Do’Urden. It comes with special racial abilities, and a tattoo.
  • Unique Armored Spider mount.
  • Unique Panther pet.
  • Founder title, for use in both the game and the forums.
  • Priority logins. Skip the queue!

Now you know what I know! To read the full announcement, simply visit here.

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