Face of Mankind MIB Giveaway Pack

Lorehound is teaming up with Nexeon to bring our readers a Face of Mankind Men in Black (MIB) item pack giveaway.

For those of you not familiar with Face of Mankind, it is an action MMORPG that exists in a single persistent world with sandbox elements.  The player can choose to join one of eight factions and the gameplay is mostly player-driven, although there is also a storyline that is optional.

The MIB item pack will include the following items:

  • 1 MIB armor set
  • 1 PP7 Weapon + 10x ammo clips
  • 10x Medkits + 10x auto-injectors
  • 2 weeks of premium membership

The item pack is only for new players, so it cannot be added to an existing account.

To obtain your key, please visit our Face of Mankind giveaway page.


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