Global Agenda Booster Code Giveaway

Hi-Res Studio’s is teaming up with Lorehound to giveaway 200 Global Agenda Booster codes. The codes provide the following account benefits for 3 days:

  • Double XP
  • Double tokens
  • Double credit rewards
  • Additional items for each complete mission
  • Open Zone assignments also grant a 50% increase in XP and Credits as well as a chance to receive additional items
  • Receive 5 Agenda Points daily plus 5 Agenda Points per level 50 character on their account
  • Receive 2,000 Tokens nightly, updated at Midnight GMT, provided the tokens do not violate the weekly or maximum token limits

Only one code can be used per unique account, so you won’t be able to use multiple Booster Codes to extend it past the 3 days.

To get your Global Agenda booster code just head over to our giveaway page.

Update: Sorry we’re out of codes


  1. @Chevko The system was originally meant for beta keys only, but is now used for all types of item giveaways, but we just never changed the URL, so that’s why you see Beta in it.

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