Exclusive Video Interview: Cryptozoic Goes Post-Apolalyptic With Deck-Building Game ‘3012’

Colbert's worst nightmare.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the Mayan mythical end of the world scenario happens this December. Fast forward 1,000 year, where do you think the world will stand? Will society recreate itself albeit thousands of years behind? Will mankind cease to exist? Will the world?

Cryptozoic’s upcoming game 3012 answers these questions, but it doesn’t look good for us homo homo sapiens. It doesn’t matter if we morphed into the fish-like Gar or degenerated into humanoid Jaguars, there’s little humanity left in the world of 3012, yet a whole lot of brutality.

Matt Hyra describes the basics of Cryptozoic’s latest deck builder to iTZKooPA who gets all caught up in the original spins that 3012 puts on the deck-building genre. Cards reserve, currency exchanges, heroes, allies, experience, PvP and PvE. Count us in.

Hit the jump for the full interview describing what sets 3012 away from most other deck builders.