Cyber-Bullying the Death of Open PvP?

I think not. However according to Tobold, he believes sometime in the future a player will commit suicide in direct response to cyber-bullying in-game, which will lead to a lawsuit and the slow demise of open PvP, because it will be too risky for game companies to allow it.

Tobold’s initial statement reads,

People will continue to play free-for-all PvP games which encourage bad behavior. Cyber-bullying will continue.  At some point some bullied player will actually commit suicide, leave a letter explaining why, and his relatives will file a lawsuit. Between legislators thinking that bashing video games is always good politics, and courts thinking that there is no difference whatsoever between cyber-bullying in a game and cyber-bullying via other online platforms, we will end up with laws against game-related cyber-bullying.

Free-for-all PvP will die or at least be driven far underground into games nobody plays

This statement is fundamentally flawed and should read as is, “Cyber-bullying will continue.” There is absolutely no connection between PvP games and cyber-bullying that can’t be said about any other social media. Put any large group of people together and someone will bully someone else.  I don’t care if it’s in a game, in school, Facebook, message board, sports or online chat. There will always be bullying and if it leads to suicide, there are already laws in place, at least in the US, to deal with it. End of story.

There is no possibly way that the government should, or would, make special additional laws for PvP games. They’re basically chat rooms; how could any gaming company possibly monitor hundreds of thousands of players at the same time chatting or talking via voice-chat? It’s not even possible. There is also an issue of privacy if a company had to do this.  The suggestion that a law like this could pass specifically against PvP games is absolutely ludicrous.

Tobold, I normally agree with you, but you can’t be wronger on this one, I don’t care how dumb politicians get.

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  1. actually THERE WILL BE laws against cyber bullying in GAMES and PVP why because me and others are advocating for them HARDCORE ADVOCATING FOR THEM!!! Because a bunch of jerks don’t know how to act like human beings and not tell people to kill themselves or make threats to peoples lives!!!! or call people stupid for no reason at all just to be a miserable person well it will stop these people will not only lose their accounts and never have the ability to have an account again they will face jail and or prison time!! for their actions the will be paying restitution to ALL THEIR Victims since they want to use their mouths as weapons they will be using their wallets to pay the price for it!!!!

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