Eve Online CSM Chairman “The Mittani” Announces Resignation [Updated]

Two days ago we reported that CCP launched an investigation against their democratically elected CSM chariman, “The Mittani” for some comments during last week’s Eve Fanfest 2012.

For those of you not up to speed, during his presentation The Mittani aired out a private conversation with another Eve Online player that he had scammed. The victim revealed he had become depressed after recently going through a divorce, to which The Mittani mocked during his rank, then egged on the audience and viewers watching to continue harassing him in-game.

Today the CSM Chairman has announced via his Twitter feed that he will be resigning as chairman and stepping down from CSM. He also stated he will be sending the victim all of his in-game money (ISK) as a direct apology.

It is still unclear what actions CCP will take against The Mittani, as they have in the past banned players for such activities, ranging from temporary bans to permanent ones depending on the severity of the cyber-bullying.

Update: CCP has posted their official response to this matter, banning The Mittani for 30 days. In the response, it was mentioned that even though he resigned from the CSM, he would be allowed to run again in future elections.