SemiFormal Studios Presents: Ensemble Online

For people that love RTS and MMO games we have some news for you. SemiFormal Studios’, an indie game developer, is busy developing a browser-based game called Ensemble Online. SemiFormal is gunning for lots of diversity with it, giving players the option to build a camps with defensive towers and farms for food, as well as giving the option to go out in the wild and kill mobs to level up. They also emphasis multiplayer by giving the option to work together with friends and build villages together.

SemiFormal Studios provided us with an alpha code to the game, so I decided to check it out. Keep in mind that the game is still in early Alpha and is still lacking in places. There were only three buildings to make and combat is very basic, with numbers flying around to tell the player how much damage he took or has done. The game might have potential, but it’s too early to make an honest opinion about it. If you wanna check out some information about the game than follow this link. The company also has a Kickstarter┬ápage if you’re interested in helping them out. I’ll keep an eye out on the game to see what they do in future updates.

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