gPotato Shutting Down Prius Online and Luna Online

gPotato announced the cancelation of two of its MMORPGs today: Prius Online and Luna Online;¬†which will both be shutting down on March 27th. No reason for the closures was given, but we can assume the player-base for both games just wasn’t enough to justify the cost of running them.

Players from both games are being compensated with packages to one of four other gPotato games, which include: Aika, Allods, FlyFF, and Rappelz.

While Luna Online has been… well… online for almost 3 years now, Prius Online launched less than a year ago; so it’s a bit surprising it’s closing down so soon. Sadly, however, it’s not the first game to close before its first anniversary. I believe APB set the record for the fastest shut-down ever at 4 months.


  1. the reason the game was shut down is because the company’s partner ( not going to include name) would not give them patches or updates so they cut ties with them and the termination of there partnership caused the games to shut down. it had nothing to do with the player base

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