Into the World of: The Exiled

We have been following The Exiled since its Kickstarter campaign, and are pleased to report the game has reached its final stage of evolution. The Exiled will be released in all its glory today! You can get it on steam here. Or if you are  lucky, we have Five keys to give away with access to the full game! These keys are a Seeker pack, giving you access to two characters instead of the base one, Each key is a value of $39.99, and we are just giving them away to you for free!

Each Seeker key we will be giving away comes with.

Names and Slots

  • Two character slots per season (instead of one).
  • Reserve up to two character names forever.

Account Progression

  • 15% fame gain boost (unlock new account ranks faster)
  • Two instead of one daily challenge slots (even faster ranks!)
  • Avatar picture and title: Seeker + Nomad
  • Avatar frame and background: Silver + Copper

In-game Items

  • Unique skins for all Tier 0 weapons and armors
  • Dance and Taunt animations

So how do you win?

Simple, do one of these things.

  1. Share our Facebook post about The Exiled’s launch.
  2. Share our Tweet about about The Exiled’s launch.
  3. Share our Instagram post about The Exiled’s launch.
  4. Follow one of our contributors on Twitter.
    1. Itzkoopa
    2. Morderith
    3. Dark Morrigan
  5. Watch our Twitch stream this Saturday at 1700h EST and give us a shout.

This is my type of MMO. One where it is not pay to win as well as not pay to play. It is a one time fee and then you may play as long as you want. Come join me Saturday, I will be attempting to kick ass and take some names.