In Need of Good Mobile Games

What to Play?

My laptop and I exist in a perpetual state of anxiety, always asking when is the appropriate time to sit down and get some solid gaming done. Alas, for most of my days I am on the move. Either taking a bus, or train or… well I bet you can see where this is going. I wish I could be like so many others and be content to play some of the vast swaths of mobile games available for our smart phones. I wish I invested time into console games much like I know many of you do. I am hoping against hope that the Nintendo Switch can solve my problem. Real gaming being really mobile.

I have tried in the past to get into some mobile games. Most recently, Mobius Final Fantasy; Final Fantasy Record Keeper; Sword Art Online Memory Defrag; Plague Inc.; Dots;; PvZ; Mobile Strike (thanks Schwarzenegger); Clash of Clans etc… As you can see I have been both busy, bored and desperate. After much hand wringing and self loathing I did the one thing I thought I would never do, spend money on a mobile game. Not a micro transaction, I went the old school way and bought a game, and what a difference it made. What game did I lose my timed honored tradition of only playing free games on my cell. None other than.

Super Mario Run

I hated myself at first. But watching that fat red beautifully mustashio’d plumber hop, hoop, and huppa! around brought a smile to this shriveled DOTA 2 players heart. I would spend the money again, and again, and again. This game reminded me what fun is in gaming. I no longer feel the anxiety of the laptop’s struggle. I catch glances of people watching me play, chuckling along with me as I plunge horribly into death, cause lets be honest, I’m terrible at the game. But damn is it fun. I have to point out that I am not making anything out of telling you to go buy this game. I wish I was, but I am not. It’s too fun to not suggest.

Now if you are just looking to kill some time on your computer and have a chuckle doing so try out some free Lego Batman games found here. Another nostalga blast for myself. Hitting both on Lego and Batman. First Mario and now lego… I think I may break out my NES and remember the days before DOTA 2 rage.