Introducing Forsaken World: A Unique Take on Systems, Races and Classes

A couple of days ago, if anyone told me that I’d be getting excited about Forsaken World, I’d laugh in their face and slap them around with a large trout. On the surface, the title seemed to be yet another bland offering, very similar in spirit to other MMOGs offered by Perfect World Entertainment (PWE). However, after digging deeper and finding out more about the game, I (guiltily) retracted my premature judgment.

PWE claims that Forsaken World is their biggest project to date, and that the beta phase for the game has been the longest the company ever undertook for a title. As proof of this dedication, we are often reminded that Forsaken World, unlike PWE’s other projects, was built from the ground up with both Western and Eastern gamers in mind. It will also be the first title to make use of the updated Angelica 3d engine, which boasts some nice visuals for a free-to-play MMOG.

If you go in expecting to get a standard mmo-dish, made from staple design-features and updated graphics, you will be right. To a certain degree. What you forget to consider is the fact that this dish has been created with your tastes in mind, quality ingredients were used to prepare it and the cook has added some spices you’ve never tried before. Whether this mixture is good enough to satisfy the tastes of gamers worldwide ultimately depends on the chef’s skill. For now though, let’s go through some of the more interesting features of the game. Please keep in mind that PWE has yet to provide detailed information on most of these gameplay aspects.

A unique guild base system

Once a guild reaches a certain level, it can bid on one of the floating guild bases. These guild centers not only serve as a primary socializing avenue for your members, but can also contain various structures that give different benefits. Bases are not restricted to guild members only, so other players can travel to your base and even shop there. The latter hasn’t been officially confirmed, but rumours state that guilds will also be able to fight for these floating encampments in Guild Base Sieges.

The Gods system

Up to 10 players on a server can become gods after fulfilling several strict requirements. These players will be given unique powers that can affect the game world. The example given was – if you become a god of teleportation, you will be able to teleport yourself and others around the world, at will.

Gods will also be able to have followers and they will play a vital role in Server vs. Server warfare. The system is still being fine-tuned for Forsaken World in China, so the full details haven’t been officially revealed yet.

An interesting spin on races and classes.

How many games allow you to play as a noble vampire race, complete with the ability to trade your own blood for the health of allies or additional damage to enemies? (And no, vampires in this game don’t sparkle). How about a bard class that features several skills centered on timed musical elements?

Another feature that deserves a nod of approval is that various races will not have the exact same version of a shared class. Thus, the difference between a warrior of one race and a warrior of another race will not be simply cosmetic.

Server progression system

PWE has been pretty hush-hush about this feature, but according to (unconfirmed) reports, it is similar to an age-progression system, where once a server reaches a certain milestone, additional content will become available. The selected player gods will also have an important role to play. The available information is pretty scant, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it all ties together.

The first part of this introduction to Forsaken World has officially come to an end (running out of space, again). Stay tuned for the second installment, where additional systems that didn’t make it in to part 1 will be covered!

P.S. As always, leaving a trailer to whet your appetite.

Forsaken World Trailer


  1. I see your point, but on the other hand, wouldn’t granting everyone these powers just make them run-of-the mill skills?

    It also depends on how they choose to implement it. Maybe different god powers will require you to do different things, without having to be in-game 24/7. *Fingers crossed.

  2. I suppose having some different flavor to the game for special player’s isn’t so bad. There’s just alot of big “Buts” that depends on that.

    If the powers can be gotten by people who do something “First”, then that leaves player’s only on that standard who got the chance and time to do it.

    If the power’s were given by people who did something Alot, it would be understandable, but how many times it took and the requirement’s too such would cause t to vary in the definition/area.

    If they were given by Group, well, that one speaks for itself.

    Either way, if it’s server based I can kinda see people exploiting new servers (ala wow) to obtain these.

    But anyway, I’m only basing this on what I know, which isn’t alot, so well see how it play’s out.

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