Zeus Thunders In New Mytheon Trailer


Zeus, the Greek god of sky and thunder, can be pretty scary if he puts his booming voice and crackling lightning behind it. In the new Mytheon trailer, we get to watch an irate and gigantic Zeus threaten the mortals (aka you) who dare defy him. While no actual gameplay was included in the trailer, the depiction of Zeus tells us all we need to know: He’s going to be one difficult boss.

“Challenging Gods is at the heart of Mytheon, and this trailer gives players a glimpse at the colossal battles that are in store when they tackle such mythological legends as Zeus,” said Peter Cesario, director of product development at UTV True Games, the developer behind Mytheon which is now in closed beta.

As an online multiplayer action RPG, Mytheon has a Diablo-feel to it and features three distinct Stonecaster classes. For a pro tip on how to deliver the “Mortals!” line with a thespian’s aplomb, watch the Zeus Mytheon trailer after the jump:


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