LEGO Universe Pre-Order Available Today! Go Get It!


Have you heard of these little interconnecting block things called LEGOs (the Lego Group insists we capitalize the name)?  Apparently, these children’s toys have become popular over the years, spawning robots, amusement parks and now an MMOG from NetDevil.  If you ever enjoyed constructing odd planes and terrorizing your sister’s dollhouse with your fleet of multi-colored crafts, you should consider taking a gander at LEGO Universe.  The MMOG remains in closed beta, but is now available for pre-order.

LEGO Universe doesn’t have much in the way of pre-order incentives, but you do get a cool spaceman.  In addition to the IRL cadet, players will be given a loot code to unlock the astronaut figure in the game.  The Lego Group has not revealed the price point of the game, or its subscription rate.  We do know that there will be a subscription however.

I’m not saying that I am in the beta, and that I’ve enjoyed my time thoroughly.  I’m not saying that the time I’ve spent in brickland has rekindled my love of plastic rectangles.  Or that WoW has fallen out of favor for something more “childish.”  But I’m not not saying those things either.

The fact of the matter is these people of this “Lego Group” (picture me doing air quotes) work with Harry Potter, Star Wars and Batman.  That combination of IPs could kill me six ways before I hit the ground, then have a Bionicle use me for scrap.

Remember the joy of carpet bombing the dollhouse with red bricks?  Yea.  Head over to the LEGO store to reserve a copy of a game that may change your very notion of an MMOG.  It’ll be worth it.  From what I heard.


  1. …wow. the things I built and smashed as a kid, I can do it again and be praised for it.

    Ooooh, interwebs. What ironys you weave.

  2. *cough* I’m not saying I agree with you from personal experiences I may or may not have had in this beta that I’m not saying I’m in but….I’m still not sure I want to preorder it until I know more about it’s subscription and all that. It is a substantial cost for the game and it’s hard to justify tossing out $55 CND for it right now with finances being as they are, you know?

    It MIGHT be the most fun I’ve had in a while though…I mean, if I was saying anything. But I’m not.

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