WoW PTR 3.3.5: First Look at New Social Options

The first round of testing for WoW’s Patch 3.3.5 was, not unexpectedly, disjointed and, at times, impossible to even connect. But regardless of that, I had at least a little bit of luck logging in to get a quick first look at how the new social options are being implemented. Of course, these options may change or even be removed or delayed before they hit the live servers, but let’s take a quick look at their first appearance on the PTR.

In the video, you’ll see new friends options for adding RealIDs for cross-realm, cross-faction, cross-game chat. You’ll also see new status settings, and even a way for you to display a “broadcast” message — think FB status. Watch the video for all the juicy details! Set it to HD for the clearest look.


  1. Wow the new friends list looks good tho I have to wonder if this real ID will let people from US wow and EU wow talk as long as they know each others real IDs I’m not to clear on how this hole real ID stuff works so I’m sorry if that was a stupid question ^_^ keep it up lore hound!

  2. It looks like the customizable social options are gonna be nothing game breaking but will add far more of a social interaction ability. In particular, the realID thing will be nice esp if you happen to know folks cross-realm that you can keep in touch with. Would be nice to see if they add in a cross realm ability to select/add members to raids/groups though.

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